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Birth Mother
I am sorry that it has taken me so long to post another message, but a lot has been happening in our lives.  Our oldest son was diagnosed with luekemia and we have been taken care of their little boy durin the day while they work and he goes through chemo treatments.  As to that, he is doing just great,.  He is now on an out patient schedule and they are actually using arsenic for his treatment.  The doctor told him that the drug they had been using was not available for at least the next 6 months nation wide.  Anyway he is doing just fine.

Now about my birth mother.  I have to start at the beginning.  I was born in 1942, and adopted in 1946.  I was told about it around the time I was going into high school.  I was told that they could not handle any children and that I was put in the local orphanage.  My mother told me that they had to find my Father to get him to the courthouse to sign the papers.  I was taken by the house where I had lived and my mother told me that " if I ever did find my real parents, I might not like what I found."  Well, I have been searching real hard for the last 40 years and sort of for the 10 years before that.  Any way, I posted on almost three years ago and then forgot about it untio two months ago.  I happened to find another post that said we could possibly be related.  Well I wrote an e-mail to that person and guess what?  It turns out that we had the same father.  So I have found at least 6 half siblings.  It has been great exchanging information and pictures.  I have also recently found my birth mother's family.  My mother passed away.  Dad passed away in 1998.  Anyway, I have found out more about my life in the last two months than all the years before. 
In case you are curious, yes, some of the information I found out, I don't like. but that is o.k. too

Well, more about me later. 


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